Thompson Moving - Be aware of hidden fees! This is a dishonest business!

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I recently (and unfortunately) did business with this company. I needed to bring my personal items from storage inside my new apartment, so I went online to find the best quote.

Soon after a friendly sales person named Lincoln promised me $69.99 an hour for a big truck and 2 big guys who would do anything I wanted, moving wise - including heavy furniture, traveling time, etc. It was an excellent deal so I took it.

The day finally came and the 2 moving guys were very friendly. They promptly got to work and did an excellent job - I have no complaints about the quality of the work.

At then end of it, someone from the company called to give me the bad news. I had to pay an extra hour for the traveling time - meaning I'm supposed to pay for the gas of the truck PLUS the handwork of driving it! So instead of paying for the 5 hours of actual work it took, now I have to pay for 6 hours! I was expecting some kind of taxes on top of it, but 18%? In which state the taxes are like that? The guy also said it's standard for moving companies!

After much complaining the guy gave me a $15 discount. How nice of him.

Disgusted, I paid to get the movers out of the house.

I was lied to. I got promised something, and got delivered something else. This is not good business practice. I would not recommend anyone doing business with them.

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